Enjoy the video! A little about me, I make compilation videos without the swearing. All clips are made by me and I transform them into challenges like try not to laughs, you laugh you lose, if you laugh, smile, or grin you restart the video and more! Have an amazing day and enjoy the video! ❤️

DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt to recreate any of these videos. Doing so can result in injury. Any somewhat realistic-looking weapons are props solely intended for entertainment purposes. I also want to specify that this content is not intended for anyone of the age of 13 or under. Although these videos exclude strong language, that does not mean that they will not have violence or suggestive themes.

Merchandise – https://teespring.com/stores/bleem
Submit Videos – http://bit.ly/BLEEMsubmit
Donate – https://streamlabs.com/bleemyoutube
Portfolio (for sponsors) – http://bit.ly/bleemyt
Patreon – http://bit.ly/supportBLEEM
Discord – https://discord.gg/EmnJgB4
Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/bleemyoutube
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/BLEEM
Instagram – @bleemyoutube
Twitter – twitter.com/bleemyoutube
Contact – bleembusiness@gmail.com
PO Box – http://bit.ly/BLEEMPOBOX

Q) What types of videos do you make?
A) I make funny video compilations without the swearing.

Q) Where do you find your content?
A) All of my content is made 100%, from scratch, by me.

Q) Why did you start YouTube?
A) I originally started YouTube as a hobby. It quickly grew to what I would say more of a job. I thought it would be fun and did it to compete with my friends.

Q) Is your content intended for kids? (13 yrs or younger)
A) Sadly, the answer is no. Although I remove swearing, I still include violence, suggestive themes, people getting hurt, and more.

Q) Why is your content so cringe?
A) It is what it is.

All music, animations, and stock video that I use are licensed through Envato Elements.

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