100 Period Moments That Will Make You Laugh And Then Say, "Yeah, I Do That"

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We are all about COMEDY that is made by WOMEN, for WOMEN.
We believe in always being BOLD and AUTHENTIC.
We never take ourselves too seriously – but we DO take harassment and hate speech very seriously, and have ZERO TOLERANCE for it.
We do NOT allow the sexualization or objectification of any person on our channel, period.

When it’s that time… this stuff is all too real. We often feel like we can’t catch a break and stop every #fail that comes along. It might be #funny at the moment, but usually, it’s really not lol. We can laugh about it later. #periods are tough. We think #omg I’m dying. HALP! And we just want to be left alone. Thank Goodness someone tapped all these people while they were on one! Enjoy these funny clips that really represent what our periods are like.

100 Period Moments That Will Make You Laugh And Then Say, “Yeah, I Do That”

Your daily dose of hilarious videos that show just how real the struggle can get for women who are still figuring it all out. 🥂 Enjoy!

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